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President's Report

Transitioning the Role of President

From out-going Blue Ridge APICS President, David Warren, CPIM. CSCP, CLTD
Chris Ackerman, MBA, has been elected to the position of President, Blue Ridge APICS for the July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021 term. Congratulations Chris!
It’s been my pleasure to serve on the chapter’s board for ten years – two years as VP, Membership and then as President for the last eight years. Early on in my tenure as president, Blue Ridge APICS was incorporated. Later, the chapter was able to attain to the level of Platinum Chapter status; having fulfilled the requirements for Gold Chapter status five years in a row. Unfortunately, the chapter’s status has reverted back to Silver as we did not meet the requirements for Gold status due to a lack of training offerings and other items brought about by circumstances that included COVID-19 during the recently completed grading year.
Over the last eight years the chapter’s success would not have been possible had it not been for the help of so many others. Special recognition and a great debt of gratitude is owed to Betty Aceituno, CPIM, Chris Ackerman, Ryan Alesevich, Sonya Bush, CSCP, Gary Capone, Tim DeLeon, CSCP, John Frichtel, Dan Frisbie, CPIM, Gaye Hamburger, CPIM, Stacie Hibbitts, CSCP, Sherri Laubach, CPIM, CSCP, Kim Massie, CPIM, Tammy Myers, Dr. Bill Ritchie, Maryanne Ross, CPIM, CSCP, CLTD, Matt Swartley, Keith VanBenschoten, and Tom Wood. My thanks to each of these who faithfully served and helped the chapter serve our community during my tenure as President.
The chapter has a strong new leader in Chris. My hope is that you, whether a chapter member, or not, will heed the call to join Chris, Betty Aceituno, Dan Frisbie and me as we make the changes necessary to help our chapter continue to serve our greater community. We want to remain a relevant help to you and others in the midst of the present pandemic and in the times that follow.

From in-coming Blue Ridge APICS President, Chris Ackerman, MBA
Greetings APICS Blue Ridge Chapter! I am so incredibly excited and thankful for the opportunity to serve the APICS Blue Ridge Chapter in an expanded capacity over the coming year. I know, wholeheartedly, that I would not be in this position if not for the support from three incredibly dedicated individuals. Dan Frisbie and Betty Aceituno are two longstanding board members whose dedication and tireless efforts help to ensure the Blue Ridge Chapter’s financial, membership, marketing, events, and educational offerings are kept in good standing. They are not only supply chain experts at their respective places of employment, but they also bring forth considerable knowledge of a broad range of industries all while keeping the APICS Blue Ridge Chapter active and effective. The third individual is the Blue Ridge Chapter’s longstanding President, David Warren. If not for David’s kind and careful mentoring as well as his willingness to continue his service on the Blue Ridge Chapter’s Board, we would all be far worse for the wear. With Betty, Dan, and David, I know there is much we can accomplish in the coming year.
Benjamin Franklin is credited for saying, “Out of adversity, comes opportunity.” If old Ben was right, then we must be living in a time rife with opportunity. With few exceptions, perhaps no other event has had a more dramatic impact on the world as that of the recent novel coronavirus. Who would have thought just five months ago that we would be living in a world where stay at home mandates, masks, and social distancing would be the new norm?
As this new reality has presented all of us with many new challenges, it has also helped to highlight the critical importance of the supply chains that support and feed the essential businesses around the world. From PPE, ventilators, and COVID testing capabilities that are so essential to success of the healthcare systems at the cutting edge of the battle against the virus to the food processing plants and downstream networks that have kept working through it all to ensure everyone has the food and supplies needed, supply chains are at the center of the systems that are keeping people around the world healthy and safe.
None of us can be absolutely certain about how long it’s going to take for the virus to go away and for us all to return to “our normal lives,” but I’m certain there are things the APICS Blue Ridge Chapter can do to help make things better regardless of how long it takes. In the coming months, I will be exploring the options with Dan, Betty, David, and all chapter members to identify those opportunities where we can SAFELY ENGAGE and help make a difference. In the process of doing that, I look forward to getting to know each of you and look forward to a time we can all be together again under more normal circumstances. Until then, my wish is for you and your families to stay healthy and safe.

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